Batega, trgovina lokalnih dobrot


Gramona is an ecological olive farm nestled in the hills of Istra in coastal Slovenia.

Four generations live and work on Gramona. We believe nature has answers to everything and we craft our products in the most natural way. A blend of sun and sea breeze, along with the microclimate of the salt pans add a distinctly unique flavour to our olives. Building on traditions of the past we integrate modern sustainable practices into our production, creating award-winning extra virgin olive oils and a unique range of organic gourmet produce.

You are invited to Gramona Farm olive groves on the southern slopes of picturesque Seca peninsula to enjoy panoramic views over the Salina Nature Park and the sea.

Be part of a journey from tree to table, discovering the art of olive oil tasting. Sample our award-winning olive oils and treat yourself to a gourmet picnic lunch set against a scenic backdrop. A must for all food lovers!

Join one of our Olive Tours and taste the treasures of our unique place!

Our tours and authentic experiences are available from March to November. Bookings are essential. Contact us for a personalised service.

Gramona Farm
Seča  Portorož Slovenia
+386 (0)40 235 595

Facebook: Gramona Farm

1. Gramona Olive Tour with guided degustation, that includes the following:

- Guided tour among the olive groves enjoying the views of Salina nature park and the sea. We will explore the olive's path from tree to table and getting to know the olive through history and stories

- Guided tasting of our award-winning extra virgin olive oil with the owner Nina Froggatt, who is also a certified olive oil degustator. Through the sensorial degustation, we will learn how to recognise quality olive oil, unveil the mystery behind different olive oil names and labels (organic, D.O.P., virgin, pure…) and learn about the health benefits of olive oil

- Light snack with a glass of wine under our pergola with the best view. You will sample our farm's gourmet produce and other typical Istran produce from local farms and small producers with a glass of wine

Duration: approx. 1,5 hrs
Price per person: 15,00 eur

2. Gramona Olive tour with guided degustation and Light Lunch

- Guided tour among the olive groves (as above)

- Guided olive oil tasting (as above)

- Light lunch of local delicacies and tasting two local wines. Enjoy our farm produce as well as a selection of cold meats and cheese, spreads/pate' including truffle spread, and fresh fruit - all locally produced. The delicious food will be paired with two local wines from a local organic winemaker.